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Weight Loss Program (online via email, Skype/facetime)


Product Description


Due to the success and popularity of our 6 week weight-loss program we are now offering this service to everyone online.

How it works –

  • Before the program commences, you will be emailed a detailed health questionnaire and wellness assessment to ascertain whether there are any health factors that could affect the bodies ability to loose weight (e.g hormonal, digestive or thyroid issues),
  • You will also be emailed a 7-day food & symptom diary to complete with detailed instructions how to complete this. This will help ascertain whether there are any food sensitivities, intolerances or allergies that could affect the bodies ability to loose weight,
  • I will also assess the key health outcomes you would like to achieve through the program,
  • You will have 5 x 30 minute online consultations which can be conducted via Skype, FaceTime or email, which will be tailored to your specific needs. These sessions will be educational and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions,
  • You will receive a customised 7-day meal plan including all meals & snacks, plus a shopping list with recipes,
  • During the 6 week program you will also receive advice on supplements and hands outs specific to any health issues you have,
  • The program is designed to be holistic so we will also cover recommended exercise, wellbeing (rest, relaxation & sleep) and other supportive lifestyle coaching as required.

Programs are designed to be fun, interesting & educational and alongside your specific health goals we will also cover.

  • The top tips for weight-loss that really work and why,
  • Identifying lifestyle and body issues that may be preventing weight-loss,
  • The importance of gut health,
  • Nutrition education regarding healthy food and drink choices,
  • What a healthy meal and a healthy balanced day of food/drink incorporates,
  • Making healthy lifestyle changes, what are the key tricks to ensure they stick,
  • The key to food and meal planning,
  • Healthy cooking and food preparation techniques,
  • Healthy portion control,
  • Healthy lunch choices – packing healthy work lunches & purchasing healthy food and drink options close to the office,
  • Eating out and takeaways.
  • Physical fitness challenges – how to motivate yourself to move more.


The face-to-face six-part program costs £221, however we have reduced this cost to £149 for people who prefer (due to distance or work/family commitments) to complete the program online.

For booking enquiries email hannah@naturalhealthforever.com