Natural Health Forever offers programs for weight loss, detoxification, gut-healing, fertility and diabetes prevention. 

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Weight-loss Program

I understand the challenge required to make the necessary health and lifestyle adjustments to loose weight and keep it off. My weight loss programs are focused on methods that have been proven to work. The program takes six or twelve weeks and involves six consultations. After an initial consultation, which provides a detailed analysis of your current level of health and diet, we will set your weight-loss and treatment goals.

Together we will find the eating plan that is optimal for your genetic make up, lifestyle, and level of health. It is important to initially determine whether there are any factors within the body preventing weight loss. These can include food intolerances or sensitivities, hormone imbalances (including thyroid health), stress and poor gut health (including the balance of microbiota in the gut). Once any health issues have been corrected and you are on the right eating plan you will find it easier than ever to loose weight and maintain weight-loss.

We will meet every week or two weeks depending upon what works best for you. You are able to email in between consultations for support and to ask questions. This is really important because it will help you stay on track. You will receive;

  • Nutritional advice,
  • Advice regarding the most important weight-loss tips and types of diet that will work for you,
  • A 7 day meal plan incorporating all meals and snacks,
  • Recipes,
  • Exercise tips
  • Lifestyle tips (particularly where stress and poor sleep is involved),
  • Advice on supplements that may help.

I will teach you how to create new eating habits and make lasting lifestyle changes with food. I will teach you how to plan and structure meals, keep track of energy intake, keep portions under control and make physical activity a part of your life. I will work with you to set goals that are realistic and achievable and will set a pace that is right for you. Above all I will support you on your path.

I also offer consultations to educate parents on how to make the right food choices and lifestyle changes for children.

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Easy Amrita at Home Cleanse & Detoxify Program

Our lifestyles, and the environments we live in, can lead to toxicity and overload within the body, from eating the wrong foods, drinking too much, prolonged stress, chemicals from the products we use, heavy metals from foods & the environment, radiation or free radicals. If you are feeling tired, run down, bloated, sluggish, have poor skin, hair or nails or are depressed the chances are a detoxification program may work for you and lift you to a higher level of health.

The Amrita Easy at Home Cleanse program takes two weeks and involves two consultations. The initial consultation will involve a detailed health appraisal, including a health conditions timeline and dietary analysis to determine your current level of health. From here we will put together a individualised treatment program including 3 healthy balanced meals per day eating plan to follow for two weeks, that is easy to follow and which will work for you.

You will receive a 7 day supply of herbal shakes (3 per day) which will help gently eliminate toxins from the body and cleanse the colon. You will receive advice on how to reduce toxicity in your life and environment and meal plans and recipes. Benefits of the program include weight loss, increased energy & mental focus, clearer skin, healthier hair,  a colon cleanse plus a kidney and liver cleanse.

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The health of our gut is paramount to the health of our bodies. 70% of our immune system starts in the gut. The foods we eat and the environments we live in can lead to gut dysbiosis which can lead to further health complications. If you have a chronic condition, any form of gastrointestinal problems or an immune related condition, a gut healing program could work wonders from you and lift you to a better state of health than you have previously experienced. The gut-healing program takes six weeks and involves six consultations. The initial consultation will involve a detailed health analysis and tests to determine your level of gut dysbiosis. From here we put together a individualised treatment and eating plan. Gut-healing will require supplements and meal plans to help gently eliminate dysbiosis within the gut and help repair the cellular lining and beneficial gut microbiota. Supplements will be determined during the initial consultation. You will advice on how to heal your gut which includes meal plans and recipes.

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There are many different journeys couples face when they make a decision to have children and some are much easier than others. But regardless of where you are on your fertility journey or what stage of life you are in, there are important lifestyle choices you and your partner can make that can not only improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy, but of having a healthy baby as well.

Fertility programs take four months due to the time it takes for sperm to mature. Egg maturation is around three months, but couples get the best results when they stay on the program for four months together. The aim it to provide the best possible quality sperm and eggs before you start trying to conceive, whether that is naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies. Natural Health Forever will provide a full health appraisal and evaluation that will allow us to tailor the program directly to you. From here you will get nutritional information, advice on relevant lifestyle changes and help finding the physical activity level and program that is right for you.

Fertility packages include an initial consultation and four follow up consultations for two people.

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Diabetes Prevention

Type 2 Diabetes is a growing worldwide problem with rates more than doubling over the last 25 years and 90% of people who are diabetic, having type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle interventions and changes can decrease the development of diabetes in people who have a high risk of diabetes. They can also help make significant heath improvements to people who have type 2 diabetes. At Natural Health Forever we focus on solutions that have been proven to work. Diabetes prevention programs last 6 weeks. We will educate you on how to make the right food choices and teach you to create new food habits. We will help you to plan and structure meals and make physical activity a part of your life. Diabetes prevention packages include an initial consultation and four follow up consultations. You will receive information regarding the most important weight-loss tips, recipes, meal plans, exercise tips and supplements that may help.

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Upcoming Events

Healthy Desserts Workshop

Learn how to create nutritious, guilt-free sweet treats & snacks

Chocolate Cake

Upcoming Dates & Times TBA

Venue – London


Format of the afternoon:

  • Enjoy a cup of tea & taste test our sweet treats in a relaxed environment
  • Connect with and meet like minded people
  • Watch us demonstrate nutritious, easy to prepare desserts
  • All recipes are gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free


  • The healthiest substitutes for sugar & how to include them in recipes
  • The benefits of raw foods & raw desserts
  • About superfoods, their benefits & properties & how to include them in recipes

 You will also receive:

  • A goodie bag to take away with you
  • Recipe print out with 10 healthy sweet treats / raw desserts to try at home

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