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Amrita Easy Detox


Amrita is a luxury health retreat in Thailand, and whilst we would all love to hop on a plane for a weeks long retreat to cleanse, whilst mingling with the stars, this is not always feasible, practical or affordable. Fortunately Amrita have thought about this and put together a fantastic, all natural cleanse you can complete at home! The herbal shakes & recipes provided are the same as the ones used during the retreat therefore you reap all the benefits of the program in the comfort of your home. And what better time to think about this than the festive season?

You could complete a pre Christmas cleanse to set your body up for all those Christmas parties or complete one afterwards to gently rejuvenate your body and help it recover from the effects. Alternatively the shakes can be taken once a day during the season to support your body. Plus you could add the cleanse to your Christmas present wish list :)

Acai Smoothie BowlMy husband and I recently completed the 7 day Amrita Easy Detox, which is their most popular, so I thought I would take time to review the plan and the health changes this provided. The Amrita Detox is easy to follow and fantastic for kick starting weight loss and detoxing the body, plus it’s extremely energising. The herbal sachets are incredibly cleansing the body and will leave your skin glowing.

One of the main benefits of this cleanse, and one that makes it easy to complete, are the delicious easy to prepare recipes. The idea is to have 3 nutritionally balanced meals per day (following the guidelines of which foods you can and can’t include) plus 3 herbal sachets with meals. The inclusion of nutritionally balanced meals is a welcome difference to other cleanse programs. It means you don’t go hungry, which makes it a lot easier to stick to the program and acquire all the benefits at the end.

Green Smoothie

The Amrita Easy Detox Plan is sent to you at home with enough herbal sachets for a 3, 7 or 14 day cleanse. The plans come with clear instructions and nutrition and exercise guidelines.

We both found the 7 day plan really easy to follow, because of the delicious tasting meals. I’ve done juice cleanses before, and struggled without food, so this was a welcome difference. I lost 5 pounds in a week which I wasn’t expecting! The powders had a really cleansing effect on my gastrointestinal tract, so I really felt like my body had undergone a thorough cleanse. I had increased energy as the week progressed and have since been able to put a lot more energy into my exercise routines. Plus people have asked me what new products I am using on my skin and hair as both look healthier than ever!

Green Beans

My husband and I have cut out coffee following the program because we no longer need in in the mornings. We now have lots of great recipes to include going forwards. I  am now continuing to drink one herbal sachets daily, because they have had such a positive effect on my health.

The great news is the Amrita Detox at home cleanse is currently having a December Sale. This means the Classic 7 day kit which is the most popular cleanses has around a 35% discount, plus if you purchase 2 you get a further 50% of the second pack at the already reduced price!  Effectively this means you are getting 2 for the price of 1 full priced kit. This offer is only open till December 25th.  Click here to find out more.

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