At Natural Health Forever we provide quality nutrition & health care via a consultation structure, designed to fit into your life. The clinic offers appointments out of working hours, as well as consultations conducted via skype, telephone or email. Our intention is to make it as straightforward as possible for you to achieve your health objectives. 


Initial consultations take 75 minutes. They include a comprehensive health appraisal including health conditions and their  time line and a dietary analysis. The health appraisal is designed to get to the root of health issues, in order to structure the correct tailored nutritional program for you.

The dietary analysis allows me to put together a treatment program which is achievable and one which you will enjoy, (taking into consideration where you shop, how much time you have, your cooking skills, whether you enjoy cooking, foods you like and your budget), whilst giving you the best results. You will receive a comprehensive treatment program including nutrition recommendations for all meals and snacks.

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Follow up consultations take 40 minutes. During this consultation we will discuss the progress you are making, health improvements that have occurred and any test results we have received. A comprehensive review of the treatment plan is conducted and adjusted to suit your health requirements.

Length of time between consultations and the number of consultations required will depend on your presenting level of health and this will be discussed in the initial consultation. We will work at a pace that suits you and support will be available between consultations via email or telephone.

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Natural Health Forever offers tailored programs including Weight Loss, Gut Healing, Cleanse & Detoxify, Fertility and Diabetes Management. View our Packages and Programs page to find out more.


Naturopathic consultations focus on a ‘whole’ approach to health and treatment programs may include nutrition and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homoeopathy lifestyle advice, health advice handouts, meal plans and recipes. They follow a similar structure to Nutrition Consultations (see above).

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Initial Consultation 75 minutes £65
Follow-up Consultation 30 minutes £40
Initial Consultation Child/Concession 60-75 minutes £55
Follow-up Consultation Child/Concession 40 minutes £34
Weight Loss package
Includes 1 initial consultation & 5 x follow up consultations
1 x 75 minutes
5 x 40 minutes
£225 (normally £265)
Easy at Home Cleanse & Detox Package
Includes 1 initial consultation and 1 follow up consultation.
1 x 60 minutes
1 x 40 minutes
£159 (normally £200)
Gut Healing Package
Includes 1 initial consultation and 5 follow up consultations
1 x 75 minutes
5 x 40 minutes
£225 (normally £265)


Rebates are available from some health funds. Please contact with your health fund to check your level of rebate.